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Film Review : Ki & Ka

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Review of: Ki & Ka

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On 04/04/2016
Last modified:08/08/2016


Ki & Ka is a new age urban family Comedy which is inconsistent in its screenplay but really refreshing and healthy. The story is simple but its concept idea is the real champion. The modern age youth dont decide what work they want to do depended on their gender. Here Lad’Ka’ is a housewife and Lad’Ki’ runs the house. After a long time Saw Kareena Kapoor doing a film which justifies her talent maybe after Talaash. She is absolutely perfect as Kia. Dont know how she remains herself so fresh and young even after 16 years of her film career. We always talk about how Khans, Kumar and Devgn are running on top from over two decades but we must give the due to Kareena also, even after 16 years she delivers big hits (Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Singham Returns) and acts the way she did in Ki & Ka, Real queen she is. I would call Arjun Kapoor brave because he deserves credit for taking a role that few male stars would dare to take. Though he has delivered his best performance till date as Kabir but he could have been better. I felt his expressions were not as perfect as the character demanded. Its a performance oriented film mostly and a certain Ranveer Singh would have done full justice to the role of Kabir i guess. Well, Swaroop Sampat as Kia’s mother is top notch, and Rajit Kapur is no less than her. The direction of R. Balki is good, but the screenplay is very inconsistent, the narrative dipped here and there as it looked Streched and half baked some times. Idea is superb like all other Balki films had in the past but he need to make his films more engaging. Art direction is praise worthy though, Cinematography of P. C. Sreeram is also superb , editing of Chandan Arora is not sharp but its just about okay. Music by Ilaiyaraaja, Mithoon and Meet Bros Anjjan is just average, apart from High heels no song catches up your mind. Overall Balki has made an interesting urban commercial film which also has a certain message. Its a must watch for Kareena Kapoor, she for me is the Ki and Ka of this film. I am going with 3 stars.

Agam Anand
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