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Film Review : Jolly LLB 2

Film Review : Jolly LLB 2
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Review of: Jolly LLB 2

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On 10/02/2017
Last modified:11/02/2017


Superstar Akshay Kumar backs another credible director to make a commercial entertainer with brains and never overshadows the story with his stardom.

Jolly LLB by Subhash Kapoor was an honest little film with powerful actors and ended up being a surprise hit and also won national award for being the best Hindi film of 2013. That was the most well-received film of Kapoor along with Phas Gaye Re Obama, he has the knack of making films on issues and burning topics of the country and humanity as a whole with a good dose of humor and makes it light throughout which also looks real, somewhat like Mr. Hirani and that is a huge compliment. When he announced to continue his most successful film’s franchise with a superstar I thought he’ll also lose his originality like Rahul Dholakia did recently but thankfully Akshay Kumar never overpowered the vision of Kapoor and supported him throughout to tell the story he wanted to. In the second outing of courtroom drama, the story and screenplay emerge as the show stealer instead of Akshay Kumar and this is I feel the biggest triumph for an actor, a true artist. Akshay as Advocate Jolly never tries to rise above his character to show his usual superstardom and delivers a stout performance. Annu Kapoor as usual tries to get into the head of his character, Advocate Mathur who is arrogant and clever. But yet again Saurabh Shukla sweeps the most claps as Justice Tripathi, last time he won a National Award for Best Supporting actor for Jolly LLB and in this one too he remains the best thing about the film hands down, he is so cute like a teddy bear as mentioned in the film and a powerhouse performer. Subhash Kapoor is so accurate with the details of Lucknow and of course about court rooms which he already mastered in the last film. Kapoor’s direction, screenplay, story, and dialogues are to the point for a proper healthy commercial film. The cinematography of Kamal Jeet Negi is fine and art direction is real and authentic, Editing of Chandrashekhar Prajapati is good but I wish Go Pagal song should have been omitted. What makes this movie more commercially viable apart from having Akshay Kumar in it is the emotional sprinkle in the scenes which connects most of the time.

Jolly LLB2

Sayani Gupta who plays the role of Hina, a pregnant widow seeking justice but has been cheated by the system and the protagonist delivers a fine performance which further makes the plot more believable. The casting director must get the credit for pitching in an appropriate supporting cast. But it also has few flaws, like Huma Qureshi is completely wasted, whatever screen space she has got is completely impactless and the already mentioned Holi song is unnecessary and breaks the pace of the film. But we can ignore it because it’s a good film, yes again a jolly good film and of course a solid commercial entertainer with brains. It is a must watch for the actors, Mr. Saurabh Shukla you are a star and for you, I can watch it again and thank you Subhash Kapoor and Akshay Kumar for making Indian mainstream cinema credible. I’ll go with 4 stars.

Superstar Akshay Kumar backs another credible director to make a commercial entertainer with brains and never overshadows the story with his stardom.
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