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Film Review : Airlift

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Review of: Airlift

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On 24/01/2016
Last modified:08/08/2016


Based on biggest Human evacuation of all time in the history, Airlift lifted me big time, after watching the hideous Kyaa Kool hain Hum 3 this film made me feel a proud cinema lover back again. Raja Krishna Menon who was nowhere seen in the bollywood vicinity for a long time now is back with a solid punch. All praise to him for choosing a solid real life subject and remembering the unsung heros of Indian Ministry, Air India and offcourse the Indians who lived in Kuwait in 1990. Menon’s direction is very honest and the script which he wrote with Suresh Nair, Rahul Nangia and Ritesh Shah despite being a docu-drama is very entertaining. Editing by Hemanti Sarkar is very very good, this subject is very difficult to make an engaging one and Sarkar with the editing made it very racy. Cinematography of Priya Seth is calendered yet realistic, art direction does give us the feel of 1990. Apart from occasional Speed breakers in screenplay Airlift is a run away winner, Songs are good but sometimes they does play the role of hurdles in the screenplay. But above all I want to give all the credit and salutation to Akshay Kumar for doing this difficult film and putting everyone on board despite being a mainstream star. Its a fact that Airlift would have not been made on this scale without Akshay, brave effort.
To add more, He does deliver a diligent performance as Ranjit Katyal where he successfully underplayed the role and yet emerged as a winning hero. Arguably his best till date, honestly from now on we dont want him to prove himself over and over again, he is a champion, very versatile. Nimrat Kaur as Amrita is top class, she is very natural and looked beautiful too, would love to see her more often in hindi films. Inaamulhaq as Saddam’s man in Kuwait, is suitably menacing, Prakash Belawadi as the annoying refugee really makes a mark. Purab Kohli is kohl-eyed and restrained and makes us feel for him, Kumud Mishra as the Dilli babu, disinterested at first, then taking charge, fits right in, His subdued heroism cant be ignored. In short, Airlift is a must watch. Indian cinema need healthy films in mainstream zone and Airlift is one. If hollywood can make Argo and Bridge of Spies then atleast we can make an Airlift too. Wanted to give it 3.5 stars but will fix on 4 stars to back more film makers and Superstars to come up with new ideas like this. Go lift yourself!!

Agam Anand
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