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Feelings Of Love: A Poem By Siddharth Sharma

Feelings Of Love: A Poem By Siddharth Sharma

Feelings Of Love

A Poem By Siddharth Sharma

Feelings Of Love: A Poem By Siddharth Sharma

When two stranger meets
Seeing each other
You start to share your emotions
You share your goods and bads
You start knowing
each other personally
Whenever you see her
your mind stops thinking
Your heart starts beating
Faster and faster…!!
Your heart knows she
is right for you
But it takes time to decide
Those deep conservations
Turns into a love controversy
You start liking her
She starts liking you
That’s the moment
The perfect time to let
her know your feeling about her..!!
With a cute smile, you say
“I love you”

She starts shying
because she also loves you
The things go stop, the time, the moment,
The sun and the moon
All things go stop
She gets shocked, with the shy face
She loves you, she wants you
But she needs more time to say ‘yes’
because love only happens for the one time
With the person whom you like
She starts looking at you from down to up
She thinks, (Looking damn cute)
And finally, she says “yes”
“I love you too”

Listening to that word…
your heart feels like it is in heaven
That moment ! you don’t want to forget
That beautiful time with her
you capture the moment in your heart
you look at her with a smile and say
”Thanx for being in my life”..!

she is the cutest, charming girl
With a beautiful gorgeous smile
She becomes the queen of your heart
She conquers your heart
The feelings which make
you feel alive all because of her
you start learning beautiful things of life
You just make your life the cutest thing

It’s so beautiful when nobody becomes everything in your life
you fight with each other
you care for each other
you love each other
But never want to lose each other
you grow together

you stay together
get old together
maybe die together
But never forget each other
your heart gets locked
get tied for forever

They are so lucky because
they truly love each other

I am so lucky !!

 I got a charming girl in my life
Who Loves Me more than others do
She loves spending time with me
She loves going somewhere with Me
She loves me! What I am
My hearts says “I am all yours ”
Because of my heart
it needs you in my life

“I need your love
I need your time

Whenever you want me
I’ll there for you
because I love you”


Siddharth Sharma
New GD Writing Star: Siddharth Sharma


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