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Federer: Wimbledon Don? Roger That!

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Shawn Kalon

Author at GyanDarbar
Life coach, Correspondent at GyanDarbar, Documentary filmmaker, Actor.
Shawn Kalon
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Federer: Wimbledon Don? Roger That!

Federer: Wimbledon Don? Roger That!

If someone told you last year that First Three GRAND SLAMS will have Federer and Rafael as winners this year, you will be saying are are you kidding this is no WWE where scripts are written keeping in mind looking at the audience anticipation, reaction and final execution, because it all pointed and made feel like that only as FED is coming back after 6 months injury layoff and almost of 36 years, he will be nearing, RAFA is not the force he was. 

Who is the Greatest? FED fans say he is the after winning his 8th wimbledon without dropping a set, NADAL fans will say he won his 10th too the same way, also his superior record vs ROGER and that he won two wimbledons while FED triumphed only once proves otherwise. Their is always SAMPRAS, McENROE etc. etc. and off course ROD LEVER the list is endless and debatable to the T.

On sheer talent and the sublime tennis he plays especially one hand backhand players are like water in dessert these days (except if you are in Dubai) on top of it he when was not winning was still utilising his energy on producing twins one after another and besides fatherly duties is still winning, ROGER THAT.

But just like slam bang wrestling showbiz Grand Slams winners too even in the Doubles are giving up the feel someone up their is writing the script keeping in mind what public wants because all said and done FED, VENUS, RAFAL, HINGIS are all time favourites.

HOT and COLD: You can’t get everything as per your wishes unless you are a politician like Mr. Modi? and have all the power in your hand but that’s a separate issue altogether.

Though FED won but yes their will be many buts this time as he steamrolled all his opponents without loosing a set, in fact he loosing his serve was as rare as to see a politician doing genuine work but in totality it was a tournament which didn’t have the edge of the seat thriller yes except NADAL’S exit match (He always gives you the best match even when loosing, as going without fighting is not in his DNA) and the MEN’S DOUBLES FINALS which seemed will last a lifetime was not only long but strong, but barring these two matches and few here and there had its moments rest were damp squib.

Federer: Wimbledon Don? Roger That!
Kubot and Melo

OLD IS GOLD: But sometimes quickly Folds. The WOMEN’S  Final was the most deserving for VENUS and the moment to stamp her Genius but turned out to be the most boring as 37 year old (WILLIAMS it seems lost the will to compete can be gauged for the fact 9 games she was blanked consecutively. What was most surprising that 5-4 and two breakpoints and not winning a game after that was more shocking than Demonetization. 

Federer: Wimbledon Don? Roger That!

Coincidence can be Pleasant or a Bitch?

Federer: Wimbledon Don? Roger That!
G. Muguruza

23 years back this years 23 years old WOMEN’S WINNER Coach CONCHITA MARTINEZ had beaten MARTINA NAVRATILOVA then 37 same as WILLIAMS is now to win her maiden Wimbledon women’s championship.

AGE NO BAR:Federer: Wimbledon Don? Roger That!

In fact it’s 5 STAR as MARTINA NAVRATILOVA is still playing senior citizens invitation at the lawns, mind you senior in tennis is from 35, at the age when most are retired and sulking with life at 60, so players in mid 30s should have it very easy when MARTINA can deliver at 60 why can’t MODI oops mistyping.

Eye Candy:

Federer: Wimbledon Don? Roger That!
Kontinen and Watson

The mixed doubles pairing was darling of the crowd not because the lady was from Britain but also someone with Hollywood Star looks and someone like Ryan Gosling, though in the final they met their match from eventual winners both in terms of popularity and quality.

Federer: Wimbledon Don? Roger That!
Murray and Hingis

Bhartiya Challenge: Indian challenge was led by not Paes or Sania but 37 years old, this years FRENCH OPEN mixed doubles champ ROHAN BOPANNA and his partner didn’t let down as went down loosing to eventual finalist in mixed doubles

Federer: Wimbledon Don? Roger That!
Rohan and his wife

Zero Rules: The women’s doubles finals should have brought smile on ARYABHATTA as zero was highlighted twice as losers failed to win a single game, also must have brought some cheers as ROHAN’S double partner on right showcased her might.

Federer: Wimbledon Don? Roger That!
Makarova and Vesnina

Really: NOVAK DJOKOVIC is passing through a phase where either you rise or completely dive (Mind it he can be the greatest as his a better Win Loss record ratio is better than both his seniors) but what’s interesting though not for him and we respect and wish him happiness is murmurs made into loudspeaker from his Girl friend, who he has child, blaming his affair with a DIPIKA for their problems. Ok at last DIPIKA is becoming relevant outside India?

Overall the Wimbledon, which will and should be made an example of how Smart Strategy, Intelligent planning and of course Fitness and luck (Federer skipped the whole of Clay for grass to make way, in the end it help because he was fresh and at his energetic best) but then they are immensely gifted personally with fully loaded artillery which is not bestowed on very Tom Dick or Harry. 

Rest this wimbledon was one of the most lackluster.

CONTROVERSY: Be it injured players participating and withdrawing after few games (who would want to miss the 35000 pounds even if they loose in 1st round)


MATCH FIXING: Was unheard in Tennis but now is out in the open as some matches are in the radar, and we at GD sometimes felt something was wrong somewhere even at the top levels though didn’t want to get screwed as evidence is what’s the Base and unlike India that’s the last thing needed to thrash someone who isn’t carrying Beef.

Always Hit:

Tennis may not give you the thrills may not satisfy your spending but one thing which always is savoured and relished and one thing on top of every visitors mind is Strawberries and Cream.

Federer: Wimbledon Don? Roger That!

Finally: A wimbledon to remember where AGE went for a toss, Oldies in terms of tennis were the boss and for them young raised a toast but unfortunately their was no entertainment or adrenaline rush moment to boast.


Next time May the BEST Player win but it should be memorable fine but in terms of edge of the seat and humdinger and interesting.

Shawn Kalon
Life coach, Documentary Film Maker, Theatre actor, Tech freak, Delhi Correspondent of GyanDarbar.