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Eva Green is the soul of Tim Burton’s new fantasy ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children’

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After two years of his down to earth biopic ‘Big Eyes’, visionary director Tim Burton came back a couple of weeks ago with his new directorial venture ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children’ which is based on the best-selling young-adult novel of Ransom Riggs. Being a fan of Burton I was desperate to watch the film especially because nobody can make better fantasy films than him, it released a week late in India. The movie began with a brilliant opening credit score by Mike Higham and Matthew Margeson, Burton’s trademark dark world fantasy made me feel so good from the scene one. The detailing at the start in movie is just right to make the audience completely dive into the screen forgetting the reality but still something’s missing till the time Jake, the main protagonist played by Asa Butterfield lands up in the 3rd September 1943 loop created by Miss Peregrine, a peculiar headmistress, the protector of peculiar children. Played by the royal beauty Eva Green and she just lights up the movie and the screenplay by her charismatic presence and nuanced performance. The way she walks and wore her outfit made her hairs, changed her accent and even her hand gestures all really made us feel as if she is really Miss Peregrine, a peculiar falcon. Such a fine actress she is, the most impactful one right now in the world and she proved it again. The way she smokes her cigar, her eyes and not to forget the eyeliners said more than her lips which enhanced the entire character.
She is the soul of the movie without any doubt but just when I thought this movie may end up as one of the best fantasy films of all time the screenplay goes haywire after Mr. Barron, the bad peculiar played by Samuel L. Jackson Who is very good in the movie kidnaps Miss Peregrine. The whole scene where Green turns into a falcon and gets caged by Barron is the most impactful one but from there on film derails in the absence of Green. I felt the young actors Asa Butterfield and Ella Purnell who plays Emma are good looking people but not competent enough to carry through such a big movie on their shoulders, they lack the magnetism which is required to bind the viewers, something like Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson had in Harry Potter films. Apart from the resurrection of an old ship scene which is Burton’s masterclass nothing in the last part of the film excites and it becomes soul-less as Eva Green is nowhere seen in the climax. Judi Dench is not more than a filler and has nothing special to do, I can understand the climax was written before the release of 2nd and 3rd books of the series by Riggs but Jane Goldman could have done better with it. I am bit disappointed with the film because it has not turned the way I expected it to be, wanted more of Eva Green and yes definitely it is not in the best works of Burton but you need to watch it once for Green and for the vision of Burton. A great concept and story on paper but somehow didn’t come out as previous cult classic fantasy films of the director. Though it has made over $225 Million USD at the box office worldwide so far and now I want a standalone Miss Peregrine movie with Green, Mr. Burton are you listening?

Agam Anand
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