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Diwali releases preview

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Shawn Kalon

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Life coach, Correspondent at GyanDarbar, Documentary filmmaker, Actor.
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Diwali 2016 New releases preview

Its that time of the year when festivity surround ,and new releases are  one of the events which movie goers and some extra additions (in terms of more people )look around.

But sadly, yes its not only we at GD but even the public feels, DIWALI though is the best time, but bollywood dosent live up to the heat and cools down within a week. Last year was PRDP a big star-director due which promised a lot of fireworks but only survived because of the stars magnum touch otherwise was that cracker with only noise and no colour and charm.

This year their are  two  biggies SHIVAAY and ADHM ,both trying to outdo each other, not in content but as if makers ego and life are at stake, thats where indian film industry suffers the most and it seals their fate.

It seems as if its never about the soul in the product is what these so called lovers of movie making actually give  give the impression that the only love is with their reputation whose arteries are the bank balance which keep on supplyong cash to keep their bloated egos healthy and have a blast at expense of public.



Director – Ajay devgn

Runtime – 169 minutes

Budget – 120 crores(including everything)

Screen count – 2950 (India)

Strenghts – Action, cinematography, songs and hopefully direction.

Weakness – Trailer looks forced and lacks torque.



Director – Karan johar

Budget – 95crore(including everything)

Runtime – 155 minutes

Screen count – 2500

Strenghts – chemistry physics and biology of actors, chartbuster songs and direction hopefully.

Weakness – Seen it all, done and dusted.

Both Movies are riding high but which survives and which audience despise will be clear after diwali night.


Is both BOON and CURSE

Curse because nobody is learning anything from him, thus everything seems so bland.

Boon-when he comes and sets new benchmarks with loads of quality and content and conquers not only India but overseas too no one can touch his Class.

Shawn Kalon
Life coach, Documentary Film Maker, Theatre actor, Tech freak, Delhi Correspondent of GyanDarbar.