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The details of the Conspiracy running behind the hate campaign for Thugs of Hindostan.

The details of the Conspiracy running behind the hate campaign for Thugs of Hindostan.
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The details of the Conspiracy running behind the hate campaign for Thugs of Hindostan.

The biggest Hindi commercial spectacle Thugs of Hindostan released yesterday, I was there in the theatre to watch first-day first show and when the movie ended people clapped and roared in the happiness of watching a royal action adventure. I opened my social networking sites to post the review and tell everyone to go and watch this movie but I saw every single film critic, mind you every single popular critic were bashing the movie, I was shocked, though I was aware even before the release that this was coming. Even few very badly reputed trade analysts and critics gave it negative reviews who give stars after charging money from the makers, which was an irony. After these unethical reviews all the keyboard comedians, the blind sheep who follow the trend without knowing the truth, trollers and fans of other superstars started trolling the movie. What happened in reality? What is the reason behind all this negativity? Let’s find out the detailed theories of the conspiracy running behind the hate campaign for Thugs of Hindostan.

  1. No screening for media and critics: Yashraj films made this movie with a massive budget of around 230 CR and they spent every penny on enhancing the quality of the visuals hence they refrained themselves on spending anything on the useless show-offs including the screening for media and critics for free with complimentary dinner. YRF never does that but their small films make money be it Hichiki, Dum Laga Ke Haisha to name a few, even their mid-budget films work like Sui Dhaga and Gunday. Their massive films like Dhoom:3 and Tiger franchise also worked wonders at the box-office with the help of Aamir and Salman Khan’s stardom. So, the media always had this grudge against them since eternity, they had to pay from their own pockets instead of getting a bunch to watch their films and they feel insulted whey these so called pseudo intellectuals sit with the normal audiences to evaluate the films with no VIP treatment. Hence, this was their best chance to run down a YRF film, which is their and Hindi cinema’s biggest product till date. Even Mike McCahill from The Guardian gave three stars to the movie, Variety also praised it a lot and these losers are bashing their own product, how funny. You all know how reclusive Aaditya Chopra is and he doesn’t care about the media. The presence of Aamir Khan ensures nobody was paid either to give stars, that made their evil cause stronger. They united and you know what they did.
  2. No usual promotions: By defying all the written rules, where stars before the release come up with beds to promote all out on every possible platform, from Saas-Bahu dramas to every novice YouTube channels to every big web podium, YRF and Aamir Khan kept themselves away from the regular monotonous promotional activities. This made these youtube channel owners, critics and media officials unhappy. Aamir Khan is known for his unusual promotions, he believes in honest filmmaking, he is such a big star that even if he releases only the posters of the films then also people will come to the theatres in large numbers. And this happened this time too, in the fear of seeing these low-key promotions working big time, all the film media and youtube channel holders became insecure about their future. What if nobody will come to their platform in the future after the repeated mega success of Aamir Khan Films? Because Aamir breaks the norms and creates a new trend always for everyone, and if the promotional costs will become irrelevant, then how will they get the money? For instance why we see a Film Companion or Bollywood Hungama video because they bring stars and why the stars give their time to them because they have to promote their films. Remember how one film magazine award never gave Aamir the best actor trophy for many years because the then editor of that magazine had some personal enmity with the megastar, not to forget he never went to attend those award shows either. Now you get it, why all the memes and negative videos are floating because they want the stars to keep running shows which team Thugs of Hindostan denied to do.
  3. A commercial film of Aamir Khan: From not giving money to the critics to false praise his film, to not spending unnecessarily on promotions, Aamir Khan does everything against the vultures of media yet his movies reach the zenith every time. He changed entire Bollywood with his filmmaking mind and genius. His films are content driven and yet biggest commercial blockbusters but his honesty is what even the industry insider doesn’t like. So, every time he does something commercially big, people try to run him down. Remember how he was targeted at the time of Mangal Pandey or Dhoom:3, all of a sudden all the hate articles popped up from nowhere, not only the critics and the media houses but even some of his contemporaries want to see him finished. As we say, lonely at the top and one suitable opportunity they will prey upon you. Bollywood means Aamir Khan, this is what people say when you talk about films in India today, tough for an honest artist to be at the top in the corrupt world of glamour.
  4. YRF’s footage precaution: When YRF launched the trailer of Thugs Of Hindostan, all those who tried to use the footage of the scenes on their youtube channels or on social networking sites were blocked by Yashraj films. Hence, giving rise to the negativity from the time of the trailer itself. People started comparing it Pirates franchise even without seeing it, some new YouTubers who don’t have the money to have ice creams commented on the VFX of the film. They just took out their frustrations of being blocked by YRF with the help of their free data packs by making hate videos, jokes and memes and just after the release they leaked the movie also on the web. Some found blocking the content harsh but trust me, I don’t find it bad, I am a novelist and I also don’t want anyone to read even a page of my novels for free on which I have given years to create.

Not to forget the fans of other stars on social networking sites, many posted 1-star reviews on IMDb even before the release of the film. Some are paid bots funded by the PR of undisclosed big stars, all in all, it is a well planned intentional bashing. Come on it is an entertainer meant to entertain don’t be too serious just enjoy the spectacle, some are panning the film on social media just to look cool that too without watching the film. Constructive criticism is always good but propaganda like this is meh. Don’t waste your energy in trolling and negativity, use these memes, jokes, and updates to help small films with good content rather than running down a big film unnecessarily.
And yes, I don’t want to tell from where the cues are coming to bash it in full flow, straight from the top and you are smart enough to understand.

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The list of the reasons behind the conspiracy is really long but I am glad that Thugs of Hindostan made 52.25 CR on day 1 to prove what an entertainer it is. Hope it’ll be a massive hit because the hard work behind the film deserves it.

In the country of 135 CR people only 20 film critics can’t decide the fate and the quality of a film, so after all the unethical reviews and bashing you must be waiting for a real concrete opinion, right? Let the negativity die down and I’ll come up with the review tomorrow, already seen in 2D, yet to see at IMAX and 4DX, let me do that, desperate to watch it again.

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