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Dangal Preview

Dangal Preview
Shawn Kalon
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Dangal Preview

Dangal Preview – It’s that time of the year when the real Santa comes or not but Bollywood’s own Santa comes with a gift and never fails to deliver which brings a smile to collective billions.
To preview his latest motion picture Dangal I asked some questions from our editor and this is what he said;

Q.1) Isn’t Dangal the name apt for today’s time as we all are trying to battle, grapple and survive in our own way in different spheres of life?

GD Editor: Very true, the title of the movie itself is a great metaphor for the lives of our country in general and the title track which is sung by Daler Mehndi is evident of that. Definitely, this movie is looking worth the wait and tomorrow everything will be out for the public to judge.

Q.2) From the 1st poster to the last trailer what has been the overall effect, impact, and reaction? Has it been on par with Aamir’s previous releases?

GD Editor: There were no gimmicks from the word go by the team Dangal. The 1st poster had the key art of the movie rather than superstar Aamir Khan showing his toned body to attract the masses. As the platforms are increasing to promote a film with every passing day I don’t want to compare the buzz of Dangal with any of Aamir’s previous releases but numbers tell that the trailer of Dangal is the most watched one in the history of Hindi films on YouTube. Aamir being such a trusted brand himself has proved over and over again that his mere presence is the best promotion for the films. Having said all this I want to inform you that all the promotional kinds of stuff whatever it is has created a right kind of buzz for the film and we all are hoping to end 2016 on a great note.

Q.3) Now economics, a) What’s the actual budget or close to reality, as the makers are not issuing any statement, so it’s a guessing game in the end and b) on screen count where it stands when compared to widest releases till date both India and overseas, and when its hitting China where Aamir has got a fully loaded fan base?

GD Editor: The landing cost of Dangal is 70-75 CR (55 CR production cost plus print and Publicity) it has to make over 150 CR at the box office to earn a super hit status. Dangal’s screen count in India is over 4,300 screens and in Overseas it is close to 1000 screens. This is the biggest overseas release along with Happy New year and third biggest in India after Prem Ratan Dhan Payo and Happy New year, on par with Sultan. Definitely, it’ll be in China somewhere next year, we are waiting for the official announcement though it has the widest release in North America, UAE-GCC, UK, and Australia.

Q.4) Aamir’s December releases used to come a week before Christmas, this one’s hitting theaters couple of days before, does it stand at the disadvantage for opening collections or on flip side collections will be better?
Dangal Preview
GD Editor: Every film has its own life as a product and yes the movie had it been released on 19th or 20th would have made some bucks in the name of Aamir Khan because it is actually not a good time for films but Aamir’s films proved otherwise in the past, only on this basis I will say it may reduce the benefit but again it is an Aamir Khan film and he is known to create new benchmarks both critically and commercially.

Q.5) Realistically Cash crunch which has been a problem for a billion plus play any role in the final verdict in terms of monetary gains?

GD Editor: Yes it will play a role in the case of Dangal also like the films in past one month because it is an Aamir Khan film and the buzz is soaring like anything the impact of cash crunch will be less. Suppose the film will earn 300 CR then be sure it would have done around 325-330 CR in the normal scenario, yes demonetization will affect 10-15% of the total collection.

Q.6) Been heard on Dangal getting Tax free status, what is the latest on this front? And for a layman explain what TAX FREE actually means because especially in India GROSS and NET collections only few understand.

GD Editor: Dangal has got tax free status in UP and Aamir Khan Productions have applied in 11 more states for it but nothing have been materialized yet.
When a movie becomes tax free then the amount of the tax taken by the government (state and central) on every ticket becomes the part of producers income and it also reduces the ticket prices in single screens preferably so that maximum eyeballs can see the film and producers and exhibitors (Cinema Hall franchises and owners) gets good share from the income.
And for the record, Gross collections means total income of a movie when we minus the taxes and exhibitors share then the producers or production houses gets their Nett income.

Q.7) Finally a question which many wonders why a billion plus population and biggest hit PK with almost 341 CR shows the ratio difference which leans majority towards non-cinema goers. Can this so-called digitalization be used as a boon by releasing movies for mobiles (maybe after a week) only for those zones or areas where halls are nonexistent, only to watch and not downloaded thus nulling piracy, going pay per view way?
Dangal Preview
GD Editor: Idea is good but not useful in a country like India where over 50 CR people are struggling to get their daily meal nicely, in fact, YouTube, Google Movies, Hotstar etc. have started showing films on purchase but after one week is a big risk considering the fact that we are ethically not strong and it may allow hackers to find new ways to copy and make available for free download on pirated movie sites. Even for having entertainment from films we need rock solid ethics and proper income and us as a country lack both. so it is up to brilliant filmmakers like Aamir Khan to lift the business and quality of cinema or else we’ll end up being mediocre forever.

Dangal will open tomorrow and have already garnered rave reviews from critics around the globe. Read Gyandarbar’s review tomorrow. All the best to team Dangal and Merry Christmas to everyone.

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