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Copa America 2016

Copa America 2016
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Chile win Copa America 2016 final – Screenshot_2016-06-27-11-15-11

Chile kik Argentina ass  once again, once more in penalties as it happened the last time they met in final , thus one more inflicting heartbreaking subsequently 23 years of world title pain. Yes it’s hard to imagine more than 2 decades ARGENTINA has not won  leave aside world Cup not even Copa America.

Chile 4 Argentina 2 (in penalties)Screenshot_2016-06-27-12-39-50

Here is how it all penned –

After 120 minutes of goaless  war

Penalities was going to decide who was red hot and who would be in  total distraught.

1st penalty taken by chile –

VidalScreenshot_2016-06-27-12-11-25 starts the shootout but his ball is bootedout as argentine goalkeeper saves low to his left.

Chile 0,Argentina -0

1st penalty Messi for argentine

‘Messi is from other planet ‘ he proves this but in a negative way as he it seemed  aimed towards goal in far fetched galaxy as ball was nowhere near the goalpost and flew high into orbit. Screenshot_2016-06-27-10-59-50

Chile 0,Argentina 0

2nd penalty for Chile

Castillo Screenshot_2016-06-27-12-15-01 the sub scores with precision and his country has the 1st addition

2nd penalty for argentine

MascheranoScreenshot_2016-06-27-12-12-06 is carbon copy of Castillo, this is how it should be done, and it’s back to square one.

Chile 1,Argentina 1

3rd penalty for Chile

Arangiuz Screenshot_2016-06-27-11-17-54comes and scores with so much Suttlety that unnoticed it goes.

Chile 2, Argentina 1

3rd penalty for argentine

AgueroScreenshot_2016-06-27-12-27-01 is next and does his best and his rewarded.

Chile 2,Argentina 2

4th penalty for Chile

BeausejourScreenshot_2016-06-27-12-30-16 the 12 years veteran scores with power and submission.

Chile 3, Argentina 2

4th penalty for argentine

Biglia looks nervous, his eyes revealed all, was not a surprise that he had a great fall as argentina goalkeeper BRAVO leaped and put the ball to rest.Screenshot_2016-06-27-12-41-16

Chile 3,Argentina 2

Time of reckoning comes and SILVA dosent disappoint and scores opposite of the goalkeeper who dived left.Screenshot_2016-06-27-12-41-32

Copa America centenario GOLDEN BALL WINNER –



Final score –

Chile 4, Argentina 2


Final stats of the match which was Lil wild and sometimes brutal as both teams were reduced to 10 men.


To be continued –






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