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Conjunctivitis -infection caused front skin of eye

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Shawn Kalon

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Shawn Kalon
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Conjunctivitis cure –


Someday you get up, and when as always look into the mirror, are taken aback to see Redness around your eye cap. 1st thing which strikes you is ‘Was I bitten by a vampire? Am I the Lord of darkness now’ (DRACULA have I got the vamp powers ) . Reality hits you hard when water comes out of your eye(and no its not because you are crying in sadness as ‘Jennifer Lawrence is not mine’, certainly not that  because you are married ) and itching starts,that’s when you are sure it’s the dreadful infection in which POLLUTION and your PERSONAL HYGIENE played a big role.

The definition for LAYMAN – It’s the infection caused on the front skin of the eye also known as conjunctiva. 

Symptoms –

Redness in eyes 1452919746182-1

Watery eyes 1452919715266-1


Two drops which every eye specialist recommends, except if someone is from different planet are –

PATADAY by ALCON (cost 335 Rs approx) 1452919946471-1

FLARE by ALCON (rs 335 approx) 1452919992079-1

COLD COMPRESSIONS (ice pack) 5 minutes, 3 – 4 times a day. (avoid washing of eyes when suffering)

Both drops have to be used simultaneously one after the other twice a day, once in the morning and once before sleeping. 

Avoid starting at mobiles, laptops, and sharp lights.

Precautions to avoid PINKEYE (Conjunctivitis )

Wash your eyes only with clean water

Don’t touch your eyes without cleaning your hands.

Wear glares if venturing outside to avoid dust and germs in the air.

Hopefully, pricing of medicines is done in such a way, all can afford it all the way.


Here’s where AYURVEDA(hated by your personal physician more than TERRORISM hate for humanity) has come as a boon, as it’s cheap effective and not as if buying a medicine is like going to the moon.

NAYAN DHARA (25 rs) available at all Ayurveda Kendra. Screenshot_2016-01-16-11-10-06

Apply twice a day, once in the morning and one in the night.

Ice compressions 3-4 times a day

Precautions – wash your eyes with CLEAN WATER every day.

Everything is interrelated- Keeping yourself hydrated and clean is the best way to avoid such situations to begin. 

Finally – This ODD EVEN car formula is a start, to curb the biggest problem humanity is facing DISEASES due to POLLUTION” and Conjunctivitis is one of its child who is growing faster than before 

Note – The medicines  have been checked from various doctors and patients and medical stores and are the common and most effective recommended.



Shawn Kalon
Life coach, Documentary Film Maker, Theatre actor, Tech freak, Delhi Correspondent of GyanDarbar.

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