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Captain America – civil war

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Captain America civil war – international collections Screenshot_2016-05-06-11-43-03

International box office opening –

Their was a time when 1st Captain instalment came, it was not that hot nor was the movie hiting  the right spots, but  as time went by with help of AVENGER’s and the 2nd part this 13th MARVEL movie has  become as big as IRON MAN oh Mai Mai. Screenshot_2016-05-06-11-42-49

Release date – some places 1week before and some may 6th 2016

Budget – 250 million (humongous)

IMDB – 8.5/10


Running time – 2hrs and 27min

Distributor – Buena Vista

Directors – Anthony Russo, Joe Russo

Writers – Christopher Markus, Stephen Mcfeely

International opening – 200 million approx (14th in all time list).

A little  behind AVENGER’s – age of ultron 

No1 wherever it’s opened except in JAPAN.

Mexico, UK, Brazil, Australia all  places it’s ruling the roost. Screenshot_2016-05-06-11-33-38

Hitting the INDIAN shores today, let’s see what magic it creates and records it decimates and creates.



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