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New releases - April 27th 2016
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New releases – April 27th 2016

Veerapan –


Director – Ram gopal verma

Budget -8 to 12 crore approx

Critics total average rating -2.33 /5( below average)

1st weekend collection – 6 crore approx

Totally rejected, another jolt for ram  gopal verma who seriously needs to introspect and disect himself before he destroys another real life legends (in a negative way Verappan was).

Should it be watched – yet another live character assassinated  cinematically.

Phobia  –


Director -Pawan kriplani

Budget – 8 to 12 crores

Total critics average rating -3.5/5(very good)

Should it be watched – yes for those who are suckers for horror movies, which actually are a rarety if quality is taken into account.

Waiting –


1st weekend collections -95 lakhs

Dint even touch a crore, though was not at all bore but who cares and wants to watch a nasser and kalki (who is not heroine material period)

Director – anu menon

budget – 8 to 12 crores

TOTAL critics average rating-3.28/5(good)

Should it be watched – if like quality human emotions

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