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Book Review: Diversion Of Death by Thalorh Balram

Book Review: Diversion Of Death by Thalorh Balram
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Book Review: Diversion Of Death by Thalorh Balram

Diversion Of Death by Thalorh Balram

I like reading romantic novels but the fact is I don’t love it the way the protagonists do in these books and that is why I haven’t read any of this genre books in the contemporary setup from the last few months. Diversion Of Death by Thalorh Balram is one contemporary romance that I just completed reading and thankfully I was not disappointed. Let’s find out how is it.


What happens when you crack your comfort shell and dare to design the life you deserve? Simple Marwari boy Arjun floats in love with an all-angle-perfect-girl, Aananya. He goes through his struggling transformation to maintain a standard that would grant him a life with her forever. But at the peak of their love, when he acquires equality with her in every aspect of life, she breaks up with him for no reason. What would happen next? Would he finish his life or continue his journey and create his own world? Why did Aananya leave Arjun? What happened to her? Will they meet again?


The novel contains 222 pages and it is nicely divided into 37 chapters, small ones and everyone can read it smoothly even those who are not avid readers because of the lucid language. This is Thalorh Balram’s debut novel but the way he wrote it easily gives us a glimpse that he is poetic (all thanks to his delicious choice of words and the way of expressing things) and is going to be a star author in the times to come.

Book Review: Diversion Of Death by Thalorh Balram
Author Thalorh Balram

Talking about the storyline it seems the novel is largely an autobiography of the author, the protagonist of the story Arjun has a similar background like the author, his struggle to adapt to the city life looks very real. Balram wanted to vent out his own story to the people in general I guess. The love angle with Aananya looks staged in some of the early chapters but the author soon makes up for it. There are many love stories coming in the market every month and that is why I felt bored in some of the portions but that is not the author’s fault he is very sincere about what he wrote. The end is what I really like, the character of Nidhee appears fresh largely because of the way Arjun treats that character, actually, Nidhee is the prop which the writer has used to elaborate and really resolve the character of Arjun. Along with the love story the book also talks about self-discovery under the veil, which I liked, we need substance as a reader along with the candy floss kind of romance. The last line of the book says ‘Plus and Minus becomes zero. It’s what we get as an outcome of life. A big Zero.’

The above line sums it all, I was not disappointed. The book has something for everyone, romance lovers it is a must-read for you, and rest can give it a chance too. I’ll go with 3.5 stars out 5.

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