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Book Review : A Non Entity

Anurav Dhwaj
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Review of: A Non Entity
Agam Anand

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On 27/10/2015
Last modified:15/01/2016


Publishers : Janaki Prakashan



A Non Entity is story of a boy, Rajat Verma who ultimately discovers the reason of his  existence with the help of films, cricket and the events which took place in his own life in the last 12 years and he also proved that why almost everyone on this earth is a non-entity. It is a fast, entertaining and enriching story about philosophy and comedy of human life.



It is a very different kind of dark Philosophical love story, with the dose of heavy messages for the people of every age. It is meant to be a hit among the readers. The mindsets of school children and what exactly happens these days in schools and colleges has been understood and described very well by Agam Anand. The plot has been woven fantastically. Its one of a kind book where the narration style is just amazing. The element of humour, Love and Philosophy has been implemented very nicely and it interests the reader more and more. More Importantly It’ll inspire you with the story and events and will make you feel uplifted.


The only let-down is few Typing errors here and there, few and far between.


A poignant and gripping tale, surely recommended book which will keep  you hooked till the very end.

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