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Bhoomi is a Disaster, Sanjay Dutt Deserved a Better Comeback.

Bhoomi is a Disaster, Sanjay Dutt Deserved a Better Comeback.
Anurav Dhwaj
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Bhoomi is a Disaster, Sanjay Dutt Deserved a Better Comeback.

Sanjay Dutt had his comeback with Bhoomi and in a matter of days everyone forgot about the film and also it emerged as a disaster at the box office. This is a 70s style worn-out rape and revenge film, reeking of staleness. Under the guise of striking a blow for feminism, Bhoomi is, mostly, disturbingly voyeuristic. The message it is trying to tell is filled with clichés and melodrama which ultimately kills the intention. Omung Kumar who made the impressive Mary Kom and the patchy Sarbjit comes back with the serious subject of rape.

Well, rape is a subject which needs to be dealt with carefully. The story must be hard hitting for the message to reach all the audiences but it must do so with empathy and a sensitivity that should make our blood boil and heart ache without resorting to melodrama.

I doubt whether Bhoomi has its heart in the right place or not but surely the movie gets weighed down under the twin burdens of clichés and melodrama. Sridevi’s Mom was done with so much of class and empathy and if you have seen that then there’s no need to waste your precious 140 minutes.

Sanjay Dutt
Sunjay Dutt in Bhoomi

On the other hand Sanjay Dutt has delivered a powerful performance but I wonder why he chose this film as his comeback vehicle, he deserved a better film for sure. Sanjay Dutt sinks his teeth into this role and seems to relish the melodrama sequences. His rheumy baggy eyes are swimming with tears for most of the movie. It is only towards the end when he gets into the action scenes does he show some spunk. But he is special and he gets plenty of screen time for his fans to appreciate his histrionics. Aditi Rao Hydari has a delicate look and feel about her which works well for her character. However, she doesn’t seem to bring out the strong parts that well, and remains meek and submissive even in the latter half of the movie where she decides to turn the tables and avenge her rape . She also seems to be a mismatch for the Agra milieu. She is the daughter of a shoe shop person living in old Agra and is a beautician. Her clothes are too designer and she looks completely out of place with her very simple looking neighbours. She also inexplicably has a stutter which has been put there I guess only for the purpose of one dialogue in the whole movie. Overall, this movie is too melodramatic, too clichéd and too slow for it to work for me. The dialogues are trite and don’t offer anything new and the treatment is very 70s and feels dated.

Anurav Dhwaj
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