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Batman vs superman

Shawn Kalon
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BATMAN VS SUPERMAN – Dawn of justice

Th mother of all movies when it comes to super hero stuffs, the original saviours of the planet,cant get better than those too.

Expectations – Unprecedented

Budget – Humongous (250 million dollars)

Release date (India) – 25th March

Director – Zack Snyder (age 50)Screenshot_2016-03-26-11-36-53

Previous works – Man of Steel (2013),Sucker punch

Writers –

Chris terrio(40)- screenplay for ARGO

David ‘s goyer (51)- screenplay for Man of Steel and The dark Knight rises

Directed-The unborn etc

Ben Affleck(44)- Bruce Wayne Ala batman Screenshot_2016-03-26-11-28-37

Henry cavill (33)- Clarke Kent aka superman Screenshot_2016-03-26-11-28-28

Amy Adams (32)- lois

Diane Lane (51)- Martha Kent

Jermy Irons (68)-AlfredScreenshot_2016-03-26-11-38-22

Jessy Eisenberg (33)- lex Luther Screenshot_2016-03-26-11-37-46

Holly hunter (58)-senator finch

Gal gadolinium( 31) – Diana prince /wonderwomen

Laurence fishburne(55)-Perry whiteScreenshot_2016-03-26-11-39-32

Producers – Deborah Snyder, Charles reven

When you have such a dhasoo (charismatic)team, it’s almost impossible to fail, but that’s the beauty of life, where a tea vendor can become a PM of the nation and a multi millionaire can screw big time(Vijay Malaya), so anything is possible that’s what has happened here impossible has been made possible but in a unfortunate way.

Running time – 2hrs 33 min

USA screen count – 4242 approx (highest ever)

Indian screen release – 1200 screens approx (telgu and tamil included)

Total critics average rating (India) – 1.86/5 poor

Be it AVENGERS, Man of Steel, batman, Captain American or even Deadpool all have had minimum 3.5 on an average.

(lowest for any superhero movie in recent times in fact nowhere close to others, who always fetched praise from Indian critics especially and we’re never below 3.5,infact some have given it 0, on par and in league of extraordinary gentleman like tusshar kapoor and Aftab shivdasani off late. 

Imdb score – 7.6/10

Rotten tomatoes – 30%

Thursday preview collections (india) – 4 crore highest for any holly movie, in fact highest for any movie this year more than Airlift.

Friday collections( Indian)  – except it to touch 10 crore if night shows bulldoze.

America  collections – In America, Hunger games 152 million, largest March weekend opening is expected to be shattered BVS.

Overseas collections – 65million till the time article was being written.

China as always leads the pack with 21million coming.

If the critics and word of mouth is completely neglected by the hard ore fans 500 million is what’s expected.

Strengths – Thy name is Batman and superman

Weakness – except in the name, it proves the saying what’s in the name, as the real deal is the game which is played and sadly it’s one long torturous drag.

Should you watch it – GD team advices yes do watch it if can’t resist to see your legendary comical heroes clash and bash each other, devoid of any content and entertainment.

I have no doubt many of you would have imagined and subsequently thrilled hen this gigantic venture was announced and our thoughts and dream of  “Batman and  superman jub  ho ek Sath to Karde  Sab villains  ke  Maa bhen”  sadly it’s the audience which feels the same after watching it.








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