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Bajirao Mastani – Epic of our era.

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Review of: Bajirao Mastani

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On 20/12/2015
Last modified:15/01/2016


Bajirao Mastani is a great blend of fact and fiction. Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s long awaited ambitious film finally came out and I want to give all possible credit to him for believing in his wild vision to make this magnum opus with such finesse and aplomb. It is even more brave to make this huge film with a Non-Khan actor and hoping to make it big at the boxoffice. After ‘Jodha Akbar’ here’s another period drama which is even better and bigger. Exploring the History of India and making a film is a tough task, and more importantly making it engaging and this huge is even more tougher. I had some issues with Bhansali’s last few outings, where technically he was great but as a director he was flawed but this is a great sort of comeback to the gallery of greats. He’s back and with a bang, giving Indian youth a chance to know about some of the great stories of our own history. Yes, he definately mixed fiction in the facts but that is very necessary to make it work on celluloid. Again Bhansali and his team is supreme in the technical department. Be it art direction or Sudeep Chatarjee’s Cinematography, be it the symbolic Background score which takes us back to 1700s, be it the costumes or the Visual Effects everything is just oustanding, simply best and you cant ask for more or find the scope of improvement. The scale is mammoth, with so less to invest in comparison to hollywood, still this film matches the quality of the west and visually sumptuous. Special mention of the clever dialogues, the film is classy but the dialogues are Massy, Clap and Whistle worthy. And all credit goes to Bhansali’s Epic direction. His music is also good, But all the hard work of the film works big time because of the performances. Each and every actor performed so well that we forget that they are acting, they lived the characters. Deepika Padukone as Mastani is super strong. She is by far the most popular female actor right now in the country and with every other film her reputation is getting stronger. Priyanka Chopra as Kashi Bai is perfect. She continues to be versatile and delivered yet another memorable performance. Supporting cast of the film is top notch too, Tanvi Azmi as Bajirao’s Mother is brutal and very very believable. Its good to see Milind Soman in the film after so long, he is very good and fresh. Vaibbhav Tatwawdi as Chimaji Appa, Bajirao’s brother is praise worthy. Others are superb too. And as for Bajirao Peshwa, Ranveer Singh. Well, I am surprised and pleasantly shocked with his performance. He completely surrendered himself to Bhansali and the result is extra ordinary. Its a sheer to watch him on screen and making Peshwa ji alive again. From the war of Battle field to the war of Emotions he stood out completely. His accent, his body language, his looks and his expressions everything is very nicely worked and you can see the hard work paying of so emphatically. The three main lead and the director deserve all the awards and offcourse the technical team too.
On the negative side, the film is leisurely paced which is the demand of this grand drama but still I feel editing of Rajesh G. Pandey could have been better. He could have chopped 2 songs in the first half easily. During interval I thought to give 3.5 stars to it but by the time climax came and movie ended I was completely moved by this progressive work of cinema. Its the best film of the year without any doubt, deserves to be seen once atleast and watch it once again for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s artistic vision and Ranveer’s career-best act.
I’ll give 4 stars to this masterpiece.

Agam Anand
Agam Anand is a Novelist and a Stand-Up Artist. He has written two Novels, his 1st novel 'A Non Entity' became an instant hit among youths while his second one 'The Colossal Illusion' ranked in the Top 100 best selling books in a day of its release on Amazon, it also won the TCK Reader's Choice Awards 2019 in USA, for being the best Romantic Novel of the year. Anand was also nominated in the Author of the year category at the NE8x Literature Festival 2019 for 'The Colossal Illusion'. He has graduated from patna in Accounts and did his Masters from Kolkata but he is more interested in writing, Litearature, Philosophy and internet. He is a Cinema Buff, Cricket lover, Very Positive and wants to see everyone Happy.

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