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Bajirao mastani and DILWALE economics

Bajirao mastani
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Shawn Kalon

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Saying goes ‘May the best win’ , but it would be grate if both are deserving enough to succeed side by side and in end INDUSTRY SHOULD THRIVE
1450029874260-1 Bajirao Mastani Budget:

The film has been made on a grand budget. The

production cost of BM is approx 100 crore

and 25 crore more have been spent on

marketing. So Bajirao Mastani budget is around

125 crore. It has beaten Bombay Velvet to

become the costliest non-Khans starrer film.

Bajirao Mastani Screen Count:

The film is expected to release in around 2000

screens. Most of these have been allotted

in single screens. Bajirao Mastani screen count

is very good considering that the film is

clashing. In fact it is itself a big achievement

that the film has got such amount of screens

against SRK starrer.

Bajirao Mastani Economics:

There are reports that Bajirao Mastani satellite

rights have been sold at 45-50 crore. If we add

music and overseas recovery, then it has

recovered around 70 crore before the release.

So the film has to collect around 110 crore to

break even. It will become a clean hit at 135


Bajirao Mastani Run Time:

The run time of Bajirao Mastani is 2 hours 36

minutes. This is almost the same as Shahrukh

Khan’s Dilwale.

Bajirao Mastani Expectations:

The early reports are decent for BM. But the

biggest hurdle is the clash with a masala film

Dilwale starring SRK, one of the biggest crowd

pullers in India. If it was a solo release, it could

have done wonders for BM. But still it will open

huge in Maharashtra and Gujarat. Though it will

have less appeal in North India.

Keeping in mind all the factors, we expect

Bajirao Mastani to open around 50-60% on

Friday. It can show huge growth over the

weekend if the word of mouth is excellent.

1450029917078-1 Dilwale Budget:

The production cost of Diwale is approx

85 crore while 25 crore more have been spent

on marketing. So Dilwale budget is around

110 crore. This does not include Shahrukh

Khan’s fee as the film has been produced by


Dilwale Screen Count:

Diwale is expected to release in around 2900

screens. The film is clashing with Sanjay Leela

Bhansali’s Bajirao Mastani so the screens will

be shared. Even then Dilwale screen count is

very good as most of high end multiplexes has

been booked by Shahrukh Khan. The film will

also get more shows than BM.

Dilwale Economics:

The film has to collect around 135 crore to be

in the safe zone. Anything over 200 crore will

make it a super hit. It will become blockbuster

over 250 crore. The film is very much a safe

bet as the major chunk of investment has

already been recovered.

Dilwale Run Time:

The run time of Dilwale is 2 hours 35 minutes.

This is less than SRK’s last release Happy New

Year but slight more than Chennai Express.

Dilwale Expectations:

The early reports are excellent for Dilwale. In

fact Dilwale team has shown parts of the film to

some of the distributors. The distributors are

confident that the product will work very well at

the box office. The pre release buzz and hype is

on an all time high. The music has also become


Keeping in mind the screen count and release

day (non holiday), we expect Dilwale to open

around 70-80% on Friday.

Courtesy – GD reporter

Shawn Kalon
Life coach, Documentary Film Maker, Theatre actor, Tech freak, Delhi Correspondent of GyanDarbar.

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