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The Arrival of Child Tech in India by TajinTech: A US Technology Firm

The arrival of Child Tech in India by TajinTech: A US Technology Firm.

The arrival of Child Tech in India by TajinTech: A US Technology Firm.

The arrival of Child Tech in India by TajinTech: A US Technology Firm

This US firm has rung the bells for Smart baby Device in India, with a vision to help parents track their baby’s daily activity and health. Now the days are gone when you have to keep checking your baby’s diaper. The Smart baby device developed by TajinTech informs you about the baby’s Pee&Poo and the need to change the diapers.

TajinTech, Inc is a US-based firm that has come to India with its latest innovation in Baby health care. The company specializes in providing innovation, well-engineered high tech solutions that are cost-effective and provide practical business applications.TajinTech holds multiple patents to its name. Looking at the vast market share in India, Tajintech has decided to manufacture the product in India in collaboration with India Startup SuperAliensCo Technologies. This relatively smart move will not only decrease the cost of manufacturing and mobility but will also create new opportunities for the organization. The Make In India initiative for the product will stimulate and boost the local economy thereby creating jobs for the skilled.

The CEO of TajinTech says “ We are very positive about the Ongoing development in India. The health sector is one of the major sectors and Baby health is the critical one. We look forward to starting other projects too”.

About the Device:

The device is a compact and flexible gadget that can be attached to the diaper and will provide data related to Pee & Poo. The device will also send data of the baby’s body temperature & notify parents/guardians of any abnormality. As per the report from the manufacturer, the device has longer battery backup and the material used is safe for the baby’s health.

The device notifications can be accessed using its application that will be available on all the major platforms. The application will be parent-friendly and provide all the relevant information as needed by the parent. Critical data like Pee, Poo, Diaper Change, Body Temperature, and Sleep Analysis will be provided on the application.

Many other advanced features are in the pipeline that will be added to the device in the near future. As per the manufacturers, the product is one of its kind in the world and is ready to take the market by storm. The product will simultaneously be launched in the US, European, Russian, and Indian markets. The product is scheduled to be launched and hit the market by the end of April 2020. It will also be available on all the major online platforms and will also be made available offline and in the stores.

The manufacturer in India, SuperAliensCo says “It’s a crucial development for us since it deals with the health our little angels. Clients coming from across the globe have shown their interests in Indian skills, and also how it is changing in manufacturing trends”.

The product will very soon be available for user trials and reviews. Interested parties can visit the website and register for the product review.


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