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Annabelle 2: Creation, Bareilly Ki Barfi, Partition:1947, VIP:2, Shreelancer and Rocky Mental are New Releases, Cinematic Boon or Diseases?

Annabelle 2: Creation, Bareilly Ki Barfi, Partition:1947, VIP:2, Shreelancer and Rocky Mental are New Releases, Cinematic Boon or Diseases?
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Annabelle 2: Creation, Bareilly Ki Barfi, Partition:1947, VIP:2, Shreelancer and Rocky Mental are New Releases, Cinematic Boon or Diseases?

Should you watch Annabelle 2: Creation, Bareilly Ki Barfi, Partition: 1947, VIP: 2, Shreelancer and Rocky Mental, let’s find out.

Annabelle 2: Creation

The World is experiencing a plethora of horrors of late but one horror which majority love to die for and the more it sends chills down the spine the more the Watchers makes it mine.

West and the rest have been dishing out sometimes quality but mostly standard horror terrors and unlike Indian subcontinent where it’s almost dead, it’s offshoring we have to lookout for them for the adrenaline rush.

DIRECTED BY  David F. Sandberg who came into prominence with his 2016 Directed LIGHTS OUT which went on to earn $148 million dollars in America, is in charge of this franchise’s new installment which has become a cult and hardcore horror freaks swear by it. It’s like Doesn’t matter what the world says we will definitely watch it and there is a plenty; if the collection was the sole criteria.

If IMDb, Book My Show, Rotten tomatoes (Hopefully don’t justify their name) and critics collective take are analyzed then the second part or prequel is better in all the aspects and that is showing even in the earnings till date, which the ANNABELLE finally ended with $256 million dollars by the way.

How much impact this 1 hour 49 min chiller makes in India only time will tell but the anticipation is no less than any so half the battle is won the rest, as they say, should be history hopefully with loads of fearful chemistry. 

(The makers had started a ‘ The conjuring universe short film contest’ where a film not more than two minutes and not more than one month in the making fitted the bill. The USA winner was ‘The Nurse’ by Julian Terry.)

A special mention and thanks to Mr. Ramgopals of Indian industry for not applying their brains on any new horror filled ventures because in the end they turned out to be torture for one and all be it the exhibitor or customer as all their brains got destructed and distributed from whichever territory they belonged. 

Let the fun begin, and in Indian context hopefully, next BHOOT is somewhere in someone’s brain and ready for execution.

Bareilly Ki Barfi

One thing which has definitely improved or been out of the box has been the catchy names the makers have been coming up, but then if the name was the criteria of attracting an audience though it can be one of the starts, then TIGER would be ruling the Filmy jungle too.

DIRECTED BY Ashwini Iyer Tiwari: For those who are not impressed, well she was the Lady who the captained the Nil Battey Sannata’s  ship, whipped a dish which was utterly crisp and hard to resist.

If the reviews are taken seriously then nothing but confusion will arise as some gave it a thumbs up and others trashed it only they know why.

As rom coms are not in favor and lost the zing, So if you want to go then directors past work and your gut feeling should be the only hope so for some it will be a toast and some minds may get roast.

Partition: 1947

DIRECTED BY –  Remember Gurinder Chadha ok no then have you heard of BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM 2002’s critically and commercially acceptable product starring our own Anupam Kher (who was in his elements that time, and not stagnant and Bhakti of something else other than acting). Actually, The director hasn’t done anything relevant which connects to today’s audience so we at GD felt asking the question.

This movie sadly nothing going for it be it the subject or the title as today’s gen jingoism they relate more to social media so getting connected on the big screen, in reality, they don’t have the patience and in fact, last thing on their mind as their definition of Heroes has changed with times.

If reviews are indication then this movie will test your digestion. Why we are stressing so much on critics is not because we have any soft corner for our fraternity, it just that such movies which pop up from nowhere need a push which these critics help to do.

VIP: 2

Where is VIP 1? Does it exist or there are 2 VIP’ s? So the name will be asked by curious North Indian viewers (if any exists in the heartland) to the Director Soundarya Rajnikanth (Those who don’t know is RAJNIKANTH’S daughter and the heroes real-life wife, making it all in the family affair and hopefully it doesn’t get appreciation only in their family).

Whatever comes from North Indian belt will be a bonus as the heroine Kajol will be able to attract the audience is a big question and actually may turn out to be a drawback. South is where it’s got the hold as is carrying forward of the story from the first VIP making it a hot property there.

What Bahubali has done opened new avenues for people to venture into territories where they never imagined but maybe it’s not as hunky dory as some would believe and bitter pill at the box office may get a repeat, but ironic it is that the most popular is the dubbed south movies which majority in small towns and cities people can’t resist.


Written and directed by Sandeep Mohan

If someone is looking for something, not your usual affair but that doesn’t mean it will be entertaining and good, depends from person to person. We at GD want this film to reach to the maximum eyeballs because the Cinematographer Subhash Maskara of the film is our editor’s childhood friend. So go watch it if this film is in your city as it has got a very limited release.

Rocky Mental (Punjabi Movie)

Two things can happen either as Half of the world is already getting mad rest who are in line well maybe some who watch it may join the club sooner than later or second can be Make Rocky proud ????

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