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AMJAD KHAN carrier

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Amjad Khan

Born – 12th November 1940

Died – 27th July 1992

Films – 140

DEBUT – Nazeen(1951)

THEATER – active always

Family – wife, two sons and daughter

Sometimes we wonder why GRATE’S in their respective field leave us so early, but I think maybe GOD wants to enjoy their TALENT personally, and AMJAD KHAN was a powerhouse.

In 27 years of his movie carrier, he had manny shinning moments but Some of his performances which highlighted his range, versatility and are a learning curve for budding actors would like to mention

1.SHATRANJ KE KHILADI(1977) image_47

His portrayal of WAJID ALI SHAH(a monarch whose Kingdom of Avadh British colonists targets) with guidance of genius SATYAJIT RAY he made his own.

 Watch “Hindi Full Movie Shatranj Ke Khiladi | Bollywood Movie | Sanjeev Kumar, Farooq Shaikh, Shabana Azmi” on YouTube –

Other offbeat roles he excelled in were

USTAV(1984), Merchant ivory’s English thriller THE PERFECT Murder, and Gulzar’s LEKIN.


2.LAWAARIS  and YAARANA (1981)image_49

Showed AMJAD belonged to rare breed of performers who could play anything  from (FATHER and FRIEND to AMITABH) with conviction that too in same year and it’s no mean feat.

Watch “Yaarana” on YouTube –

 Watch “laawaris full movie” on YouTube –



Characters of Inspector AMJAD KHAN,image_45 Advocate HARISH  and Havaldar SHER SINGH still bring a smile whenever we think of these films says a lot of how good he was that they are still etched in memory even now. 

Watch “Chameli Ki Shaadi – Bollywood Comedy Movie – Anil Kapoor, Amrita Singh” on YouTube –

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 Watch “Love Story Full Movie on Youtube – Kumar Gaurav – Vijayta Pandit -Rajendra Kumar” on YouTube –

TITAN of VILLANY –image_44

Terror and evil were redefined by the arrival of GABBAR(1975), so much had been it’s impact that even youngistaan of today who may not no how manny states in our country but GABBAR and ramgarh is most common among all and will be am sure in newborns to come subsequently.

But on flip side sometimes particular characters overshadow an artist’s other accomplishments and GABBAR is perfect example.

Direction – AMJAD got taste of direction when he assisted the legendary K ASIF’S dream but cursed project LOVE AND GOD(1986) which took 20 years in making, later he directed the successful CHOR POLICE (1983) but after failure of AMIR AADMI GARIB AADMI (1985)he lost heart towards the medium.

Watch “Sholay (1975) Hindi Movie English sub – (Dharmendra, Sanjeev Kumar) Movie” on YouTube –

NASEEB, DES PRADES, NASTIK, SATTE PE SATYA etc the list is endless where AMJAD KHAN not just added an extra edge to the movies but also stole the thunder. 

As and when History of Indian cinema is written AMJAD KHAN will find his place right up their with the best of the best and his character of GABBAR will be the TORCH BARRIER for everything that stands for NEGATIVE.

AMJAD KHAN happy birthday, an institution for all performers. 

Shawn Kalon
Life coach, Documentary Film Maker, Theatre actor, Tech freak, Delhi Correspondent of GyanDarbar.

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