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Akshay Kumar : The Guarantee Of Box Office Success.

Akshay Kumar

First release of Akshay kumar of 2016 “Airlift” will be on silver screen on 22 january. The trailer of movie looks quite promising and has been appreciated by masses. Akhsay over the last couple of years has been a guaranteed money earner on box office.
Holiday, Baby, Gabbar proves his money earning capability to some extent. In fact movies like entertainment which might have done well on box office also did enough business to recover at least investment cost. Akshay has often been criticised for his choice of movies. Film analysts also believe that lack of good choice of movies are main reason behind average business of even better movies of Akshay. But one can not deny the fact that its box office dominance of Akshay kumar that his average movies also don’t cause a heavy losses to producers. He is always first choice actor for any innovative project. His action movies rarely fail at box office. He has the best comic timing among the league of contemporary lead actors. He is easily one of the most versatile actor of bollywood. He has always tried not to stereotype himself. Whether its main lead or supporting, he has marked his presence clearly. How can one forget his supporting role in “Khakhee”, a movie which has some of quality actors of bollywood? It was a role any mainstream actor would have refused to do, but Akshay with his sharp acting made “Shekhar Verma” immortal. There are many such references. In terms of box office business, movies of Akshay are doing decent business.In 2012 he gave two back to back 100 crore movies in form of Housefull 2 and Rowdy Rathore and also in the same year gave critically acclaimed OMG-Oh my god for which he got his best supporting actor nomination in filmfare awards. In 2013 he did special 26 a content oriented movie which also did substantial business on box office and got critical acclaim. In 2014 he came back to his action avatar in Muragadoss directed Holiday which crossed 100 crore mark and making third entry of Akshay’s movie in elite club. 2015 saw him doing Baby garnering box office success and critical acclaim as well.
Also in the year he did Gabbar another movie which succeed on box office and then came Singh is bling , a light hearted comedy also appreciated by masses. Over the years Akshay has proved that comedy is his area of expertise. Currently Akshay is the only actor who acts 4-5 films in a year and still manage to gain box office success. As an actor if you are on screen after every two months, you have to do something special to avoid yourself being repetitive. Thats one thing Akshay has managed to do in last couple of years. Doing 1-2 movies in a year and earning 200-250 crores is easier than doing 4-5 movies in a year and earning 300-350 crores. Akshay has been doing this quite comfortably since last couple of years. Thats really an ach In upcoming years , we will witness to see some more interesting stuff from Akshay. He has chosen to play the negative role in Rajnikant starrer Robot. His comic timing will be once again seen in third installment of Housefull. Also he has been finalised to play lead in the remake of the tamil Vijay starrer movie Kaththi. But for now all eyes are on Airlift. Book your ticket on 22 january.

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