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We Should Acknowledge The One Who Brings Smile on our face Says Author Arpit Vageria.

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We Should Acknowledge The One Who Brings Smile on our face Says Author Arpit Vageria.

We Should Acknowledge The One Who Brings Smile on our face Says Author Arpit Vageria.

Arpit Vageria who recently got fantastic reception for his book ‘I still Think About You’ is back again ready and all set with his next title ‘You Are My Reason To Smile’, which will release on 25th December this year. Within 6 months time this will be his second novel, in a tough competitive market for writers and books why he and Srishti Publishers came up with this idea, let’s know straight from the horse’s mouth as Author Arpit sat with me a few days back for a heart to heart confab where he told many things about his upcoming novel and life as a whole.

Q. Your next novel ‘You Are My Reason to Smile’ is releasing on 25th December, any specific reasons behind it, and in how many cities are you planning to have the launch?

A. Actually, that is a good festive period to release a book when people are free in the Christmas holidays and willing to read new stuff. And yes, we are planning to launch the novel in ten to twelve major cities of the country and it may begin from either Kolkata or Delhi, the date of Delhi Lunch is fixed on 14th January while rest venues and dates we’ll decide later.

Q. Why the title is ‘You Are My Reason to Smile’, what is the reason behind it?

A. In times like this of competition and stress we easily get attracted to people who make us smile and they become very dear, we want to be with them most of the time, this is one reason and another is that in the novel there’s a character called Ranbir who always tries to bring a smile on the face of Adah who is his girlfriend even though she is very authoritative, rich and opposite to him in every sense. But above all this title gives us the message that we should acknowledge the one who brings a smile on our face.

Q. Tell us more about the main characters of ‘You Are My Reason to Smile’?

A. There are three main characters, Ranbir is a dreamer who is the main protagonist of the story, he has a well-paying job, but his aspirations are higher. He is a good lover; he adores Adah and can forego any comfort of the world for her sake. But even then, he is not happy. Because his true calling is not in the corporate world, it’s in writing. After much deliberation, he takes the plunge and leaves his job to write full-time. While he struggles for balance, Adah also starts keeping herself away. And Adah is someone who is rich, a control freak, she wants everything to go her way and she always makes Ranbir realize that the relationship in charge is she and he has to run her way. She is beautiful, egoist, and off course materialistic. On the other hand, Pihu is the first reader of Ranbir’s book and when she messages him on Facebook, he gets attracted to her obviously because she was his first fan and reader, as they knew each other more, they came closer. She is also rich and materialistic like Adah but at the same time she respects Ranbir and never tries to rule over him, in fact, she is ready to take care of Ranbir financially during his period of struggle as a writer.
Q. Have you ever dated a fan or a reader, please be honest?

A. (Laughs) I have never dated a fan and not even intend to do so but yes I started liking a reader in 2012 after my first novel came out, being attracted doesn’t mean only the physical part but on the emotional grounds also and as a new writer you wait for the messages of your readers and it began like that only. But having said that I also want to add there’s no need to connect the protagonists of my novels to me because my characters are not me though they are somehow inspired by me. I was attracted way back in 2012 and now definitely there’s nothing as such like that, and for the record, I am not being diplomatic. (Chuckles)

Q. How is the response to your last book ‘I Still Think about You’ and are you happy with it?

A. I have got great reception whether it is critical or commercial, all the reviews on Amazon, Facebook, or Goodreads has been overwhelming in fact a reader said that ‘I Still Think about You’ has made him closer to his family, which I feel as an author was something I’ll never forget and Many top bloggers have reviewed it and none of them has given less than 3 stars. As far as the sale is concerned, over 12K copies have been sold so far which is by any standard very encouraging and all credit goes to my publishers because they have marketed the book very well and I keep on saying all the time in my every interview that this association of mine with them is here to stay for long.

Q. Why you came up with another book within the span of six months when your last novel is still floating well in the market? How good or bad this strategy is, elaborate?

A. First I want to say that when my books were not getting published I conceived many stories and that’s the reason why I penned ‘You are my reason to smile’ in a short period of time because all the hard work was already done by me in the past and now it’s getting published. And I don’t think this will affect my new one because those who read my last book six months back will definitely love to read my latest offering and people who haven’t read my last one if they will read ‘You are my reason to smile’ then they may read my last book too, it is like cross-selling. This always happens when your new novel gets a release the ranking of your old novel also becomes better.

Q. Who takes the marketing call, you or the publishers?

A. It’s always a collaborating effort but I can easily say that Srishti looks after the marketing of my book in the best way possible, I do share my marketing ideas with them but they come up with even better ideas all the time and definitely they are handling 200 authors at this point, they are much more experienced than me in this department. We share a great relationship with each other as if two friends walking hand in hand with one objective to make the book reach out to the maximum people and give them great content.

Q. Why you chose this story to write?

A. There are a couple of reasons why I wrote ‘You are my reason to smile’, first because I always wanted to write a story based on an Indian author’s life who struggles between dreams and money I myself experienced all of this and not only writing but in any creative field people struggle for the first few years and later on they make money like anything if they persist to achieve their dreams. And the second one is that I have always been intrigued by the concept of a relationship between an author and his fan, so that’s made me write this story.
Q. So will you come up with another novel in the next six months?

A. No, that’s not decided as of now but the plan is to release one novel once a year at least, let’s see.

Q. One very tricky question, suppose a reader comes up to you and will ask to recommend which one book out of your last he or she should read first then what will be your reply?

A. If someone will ask me this, then I’ll say to pre-order ‘You are my reason to smile’ as it still has one month time to release so in the meantime read ‘I still think about you’ and if he or she will like that then I’ll say to read my first book also and by that time my new book will be delivered to the house of the reader. (Smiles)

Q. Once you said that writing romantic thrillers are something you like the most but from the synopsis of your new novel, it doesn’t seem this is a thriller?

A. It’s suspense, I don’t want to let the cat out from the bag before the release but yes initially people will think while reading that it is not into the romantic thriller zone but not after completing the novel. You have to read to know more about it. (Chuckles)

Q. Any Indian budding author you loved reading recently?

A. See I am so much occupied in my own writing assignments from the last couple of years that I don’t get time to read the books of new authors but yes once I’ll be free then I will surely read some.

You can also pre-order Arpit’s new novel ‘You Are My Reason To Smile’ from amazon, Click Here.

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