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A Non-entity (Experience worth a visit) – By AGAM ANAND image_36

I have tried to through light on before I read the book, and the change it brought after


Such was the “PHOBIA” maybe be it’s too big a word, but pretty close to what I felt about BOOKS, NOVELS anything that remotely resembles like an avid readers delight actually gave me the GOOSEBUMPS n FRIGHT. 

Sometimes I felt was it LAZINESS or sheer hatred thanks to my school days towards theoretical crap which was forcefully injected into our brains when I  sincerely believed majority wanted practicality pumping into our system, which I had carried on in with me till now.

In fact, if AL QAIDA kidnapped me and told me to read a book at gunpoint, they wud have to waste a bullet in my head such was my confidence of being ANTI nonreading president f such post was created.


I wud not even believe GOD  or his sent messenger if he said ALL THIS IS GOING TO CHANGE. 

But Shit happens as they say, but here thankfully sumthing fantastic happened.

I had gone 2 a friends home, we’re planning to watch a movie, as I waited in my room and he got refreshed (though I was experiencing of late that it’s after movies we need more of the energy, as the line of craps Bombay film industry produces week after week as if they are NAZIS and public is jew in majority). As I went through my friend’s table, saw a blue colored novel kept so carefully neatly when compared to the other things and table as if it has been his GRANTH for a while. I as soon as picked the book, the sheer sleek look was the 1st thing that tinged my brain, Benz, mostly it’s the size of the novels which was a big downer for me on 1st glance if ever I gave, but this time sumthing just clicked as if N THEN THERE WAS SUNLIGHT, as I just opened the book and as soon read the 1st page I just got attached 2 as iron to magnet, But my this so-called nirvana moment was short lived as my friend was ready and we were ready to hopefully not be tortured again. But as soon as I got up I just asked my buddy that am taking this novel for a day and he was ‘Shocked’ Becoz he knew my relation with  them, but in same breath he said Ya ya take it, it’s the Epitome of COOL, as we drove we were discussing more about it than the movie, and that was a 1ST as when it comes to movies nothing can beat, soon I realized my friend too was sucked in by its brilliance as that was the feedback I got.

One more thing I realized on the way whenever and that’s once in a blue moon, just looked at whatever novel I just read the back of them n used to think I know the story it’s of no use now, but here I didn’t even want to look at the back why? I don’t know it just had to happen when it has to happen they say.

As I was going through the movie, whenever there was a dull moment (and mind you these days there are  many in our Bollywood ventures) my mind auto-tuned to the 1st page of the 1st chapter of the novel and used to bring a smile and also increase my curiosity as to age kya hoga (what will happen ahead). As we got out of the movie though it was average I still liked it may be the dull moments were compensated by novels thoughts and so overall pic looked rosy.

Reached home ate my lunch as am a fast very fast eater but I didn’t realize that something faster is waiting for me.

As I sat to read the book in my room I just entered into a zone as if I had got the power of rewind button, in fact, it was like a time machine and every chapter covered the past present and even future to an extent. It was so so refreshing to READ yes read is the word which I never imagined would ever come to in my thoughts Becz only reading which I enjoyed was the newspaper headlines (Ya the rare good habit which I have, and I always promote to people to add to their routine).

As the book finished, and I did it in one go, it was not only the PACE, also every minute detail which the writer and his team cared for, Because mostly have seen pacy and racy things bypass some things leaving for the watchers thought, WATCHER? Becz I dissected everything through movies, but that moment I realized book reading transforms into thoughts which you can create the ambiance and looks depending on how you want to, “IMAGINATION” is the word. image_34

After going through it I also felt maybe I was missing something which I should have actually done the long time ago, but also was apprehensive will the other novels be the same like this as it was A BULLET TRAIN which covers every destination in the short span like this covered life. Well what this book has done is it’s revived my interest if not love as it would be no short of miracle and miracles only happen in dreams, towards reading books and have gone through 2 more novels all thanks to it

This book for me is a CHOTA CHETAN and I sincerely believe young and old will b it’s BHAGAT in times to come.

I could go on and on about the sheer brilliance of the writer and its team but that would make it longer than the novel itself.

I sincerely recommend if someone wants to start reading this is the BIBLE for all nonreaders, as it will definitely ignite the urge for reading which I no we sincerely lack in India yes ‘ALL wrongs we sincerely follow’ unfortunately at least majority of us do. That doesn’t undermine its importance towards others who are MID or AVID readers in fact as I said it has everything for everybody n every sphere of one’s self is covered.

So go ahead guys and buy this and make sure to the core not for a sec u will get bored.

Yes I can say with full confidence when we look back after years majority will firmly believe and say A NON ENTITY was the GAMECHANGER for writers as to how it ‘SHOULD BE DONE’ and for readers  is to ‘WHERE TO START’

Point to be noted (some may say I didn’t review the book, but my belief in end it’s the experience which counts as it stays with you for a lifetime also I just wanna bring to notice again and again when my interest  IN READING can see the DAWN , then it has to be sumthing special now what makes it what it definitely is CHECK YOURSELF).image_35

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