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Shawn Kalon

Author at GyanDarbar
Life coach, Correspondent at GyanDarbar, Documentary filmmaker, Actor.
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GHAYAL RETURNS final verdict – 1454560043264-1

SUNNY PAAJI thy  name which  gave goosebumps, when he made his 1st scene entry and shivers when lifted  his hand to thump . Those were the times when audiences got bonkers wheather  he did maara maari or romanced sublime. 

Paaji paaji paaji, you have to see reality and the diversity of roles which you had done before, now in shortage you fans feel, are asking for more. 

Such was PAAJI’s  impact that

1. His “DHAI KILO KA HATH”, even gave MIKE TYSON a complex.

2. His GADAR “HAND PUMP” till date gives Pakistan goosebumps. 

Even PAK Premier Mr NAWAZ SHARIF(hopefully he dose justice to his Sarname  some time some day) joked  to his friend and Indian counterpart INDIAN PRIME MINISTER MR NARENDERA MODI ‘Janaab woh handpump to lota do, jo  SUNNY  ukhad Kar let gaya  tha, paani ke bhaut  killat Hai’.

Our  GD author was the 1st one to highlight’ why 26 years for a sequel ‘? Because though he wanted to make,  sequels, were not in fashion then was DEOL’ S reply. 


GHAYAL RETURNS Total collections – Ghayal

Budget – 40-45 crore approx

Critics total  average rating – 2.25/5 below average.

Strengths – Paaji and direction.

Weakness – Screenplay (The Main culprit for many a movies waterloo).

1st weekend collections – 24 crore

Total Indian collections 38 crore +approx

Total Overseas collections -7.30 crore approx 

Verdict -No gains for anyone concerned.

What SUNNY PAAJI has to realise that especially these days it’s total package , which makes movies a success(is where his movies are lacking big time) , the problem he has to address.

Look at GHAYAL RETURNS, except PAAJI and his direction what all substandard it had to offer be it the star cast, songs  and Screenplay because of which nothing it could churn. All the Arsenal along with the main weapon (Paaji) which made his movies Khaas be it Damini, GHAYAL, GADAR etc etc.

1454560579944-1 Maybe it’s in the stars Paaji going through the same  phase as Salman went few years back when whatever he touched, turned to ‘POT’, thus giving  the public and media to shit  a lot.

To give credit at 58 years no star survives that too  in an action avatar,  as most   either do character roles or sitting  at home bekaar, in fact he had tried MOHALLA ASSI but for ‘dharm ke thekedaars’  to do and what not to do resulted in the movies may never seen light of he day. 

Hopefully on  PAAJI  sun will shine , till then let the mimicry artists and comedy shows  earn their livelihood as he is the biggest breadearner indirectly and for Many Divine. 

Shawn Kalon
Life coach, Documentary Film Maker, Theatre actor, Tech freak, Delhi Correspondent of GyanDarbar.

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