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1st day collections

Directed by – Bikash ranjan Mishra

Winner of many awards, hopefully awards Truely show their worth, through audience love to, which seldom happens.

Critics total average ratings – 2.78 (average +)

Critics have either loved it or not.

Collections – Solely on critics score it should recover it’s COST easily and in fact should be a plus.

Well clarity on such movies which are cinema FESTIVAL Delights but get a MUTED release and rarely show their might unless WORD OF MOUTH is out of the box.

So let’s wait till MONDAY to get the true picture.

Should it be watched – If you are social active person, and can’t stand CASTE and Creed then it’s THE MOVIE for you. If someone is interested to learn through experience How and Why a movie wins  worldwide appreciation ,then such products can’t be missed as it reflects clarity and Reality of FESTIVAL AWARDS.



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