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Wazir 2016 Amitabh Bachchan
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WAZIR 1st day collections –1452314823447-1

Directed by – BIJOY NAMBIAR (his other products SHAITAAN and DAVID)

Budget – 45 crore

Running time – 1hr 40 minutes

(We at GYANDARBAR are ‘Experimenting’ to find out weather ‘Really’  the movie goers interest gets effected by what critics have to SAY. Every NEW release will be compared with CRITICS vs COLLECTIONS, and every 3months we would be updating how much percentage the result favoured whom ).

Wazir all critics average – 2.63 (average +)

Positives – Performances, slick direction)

NEGATIVES – Screenplay in some parts

Wazir 1st day collections –

Indian – 5 CRORES approx

If critics ratings are taken into account opening should have been Lil bit better,  Saturday and Sunday would be the DEFINING days.

Overseas collections –

Gulf – 80 lakhs approx

Rest wherever it’s released, earnings are awaited.

Should it be watched – if you are a sucker for suspense and thrillers then definitely give it a try.



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