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ISRO 50th launch

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ISRO 50TH LAUNCH – (Incredible INDIA)

Few things which makes an Indian really proud, cutting across all barriers is INDIA’S space odessy.


Launch site – small island of Sullurupeta

District – Nellore

Launch centre – Sriharikota

State – Andhra pradesh

Centre name – SHAR (Satish dhawan space centre)

Date of launch – Dec 16th 2015

Time – 6pm


In its 50the mission from Sriharikota, ISRO put six Singapore satellites in orbit  (inspite of bad weather) , through its PSLV-C29 Vehicle . Ironic it was as SINGAPORE is celebrating its it 50TH year as a nation in exsistance too

The payloads were released at gaps of 30 seconds and 20 km.

Statistics –

Height of launch vehicle – 44.4 metres

Weight – 227 tonnes

Total time taken –

21 minutes

1st time achievements –

ISRO tested a multiple burn fuel stage/rocket engine.

Isro for it time in a year launched 17 satellites from foreign countries.

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