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Best excercise to loose fat

Shawn Kalon
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Before starting any new excercise WARMING UP is what should be on everyone’s mind.1449475807815-1


‘THIS IS IT’ yes in my experience THE PINNACLE when it comes to EFFECTIVE and  FAST results

Spot running –

What is it –

Choose a spot from where you would run full throttle to a distance of 40 to 50 metres minimum, Mark that spot u stop, as you get used to with your  stamina increasing, come back to the starting point and Increase the reps.

How to do –

1st of all look out for a PARK or SMOOTH ROAD (if any).

Everyone has seen OSAIN BOLT running, well try notice the people running beside him, how much work they put just to  be in same frame1449468038146-1 or as the saying ‘Run as if a dog is following you’ , I would take it a notch higher run as if a CHEETAH is chasing your meat ,all guns blazing. 1449467928143-1

How it works –

Once you use your full force, all body parts are put to test especially the legs, thys and chest.

Who can do it –

Anyone from everyone can, it’s a full body toning excercise and really tests your might.

Essentials –

Very good pair of running shoes. My recommendations may be expensive, but when it comes to health and fitness always try choosing the best from your capabilities.

Reebok one guide 3.01449468632794-1

Adidas solar boast1449472633566-1

Nike air max1449468876252-1

Caution – Knee caps for precautions depending on the running surface. Those who have knee problems consult your doctor before jumping the gun.

Evidence of its success, Defence etc have been applying this for a quite a long time and they would be the last to keep something in their fitness regime if it wasn’t THE THING as it’s proven to be.


This is one of those gems which with passage of times, about it, had made people  ignorant is making a comeback in cities after majority realising it’s importance.

Just cycle for your daily chores and you will see the difference and do more, also with cycling helmets into exsistance it’s safety is increased more and more.1449468290748-1

Another very important advantage of paddling is that, people even with week knees can do it, thus slowly and steadily increase the strength and resistance with facing the grind of the surface directly beneath .

It may sound odd, but I always like to use a cycle without gears, but the more it’s your strength put to test, the more intense and effective it gets.

Stairs –

They have turned out to be a phobia of sorts for manny, the more it’s their to climb more people despise, people don’t realise that necessity to reach a destination can be so helpful if taken into consideration.1449468086976-1

1449468226265-1-11449468273031-1Caution – Again i am mentioning ‘GOOD SHOES and KNEE CAPS’ a must, because have seen mann a humans knees bite the dust

All these are simple and known forms of daily routine but somewhere we try to avoid them as if it’s below our esteem especially CYCLING, when being healthy in the right way is around you it’s  no  rocket science to understand and realise it’s highly beneficial for you.

Thanks to fitness experts and their mantras,  slowly hopefully surely be every households.

Notice – It’s not about just exercising right, it’s a combination of proper eating and correct distribution of food intake depending on morning afternoon and night.

So try or atleast start once these all easiest cheapest and best means and surely it will be the the constructive obsession of your life as their is nothing more productive than being a FITNESS FREAK

Shawn Kalon
Life coach, Documentary Film Maker, Theatre actor, Tech freak, Delhi Correspondent of GyanDarbar.

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